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St. Joseph Community Co-op Puts Michigan to Work

State politicians will attend the grand opening of new facility in Sturgis that finds positions for hard-to-place workers

  Sturgis, MI - June 9, 2006 — The St. Joseph Community Co-op today announced that the grand opening of its production facility in Sturgis will be at 12:30 p.m. on Friday, June 16. The St. Joe Community Co-op is a one of a kind facility, composed of people with disabilities and those members of the workforce who struggle to find employment.

The Co-op is owned and operated by its members, with support from the community. It contracts with local businesses to provide them with willing and able workers to perform simple assembly, janitorial or landscaping work.

“ The St. Joseph Community Co-op offers hope to those who face hurdles that seem insurmountable, ” proclaimed State Senator Cameron Brown. “ It is the result of people helping people, making employment possible for all our citizens, even those who have extreme difficulty finding work. I applaud the St. Joseph Community Co-op for their innovation and their devotion to serving those in need. ”

The mission of the St. Joseph Community Co-op is to provide quality, value-added goods and services to its customers while expanding employment opportunities for its members. In addition to the support it receives from the community, St. Joseph Community Co-op receives supportive services from GT Independence, a Sturgis- based fiduciary and management services provider.

The public and media are invited to attend this grand opening event. The new St. Joseph Community Co-op production facility is located at 403 S. Jefferson St. (now 307 W. Chicago Rd.), Sturgis, MI 49091. For more information about the event or the St. Joseph Community Co-op, please call (269) 659-4525.

About St. Joseph Community Co-op

St. Joseph Community Co-op is a member owned co-operative whose members receive employment skills training and become active employees that work no less ten hours hours per week. It is a community-based organization with its own Board of Directors (who are elected by the members) and looks to others in the community, (i.e. business leaders, etc.) to serve as advisers on occasion.

St. Joseph Community Co-op devotes all of its resources to developing,supporting and maintaining its workforce and encourages and supports its members in their efforts to find or develop careers outside the Co-op. It provides quality, value-added services to both its members and customers. As it competes with others in the market- place, the Co-op requires each member to actively participate in a working and learning environment so that they remain competitive.

Member services the St. Joseph Community Co-op provide include on-the-job training and employment opportunities in a supportive, team-oriented environment that reinforces positive work performance and attitudes. Training in assembly, packaging, kitting and material processing jobs, which lead to enhanced employment, are among the opportunities offered by the St. Joseph Community Co-op.