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Do you want to make a difference in the lives of others?
Are you looking for an employer who will be flexible with your schedule? We need you!!

The Co-op is looking for individuals in the business and professional community that would be willing to teach and coach our employment-readiness participants to realize their potential to gain and maintain sustainable employment within St. Joseph County.

Coaches help participants build connections (which are important in learning about employment opportunities), networking and obtaining sustainable employment. The coaches serve as role models for participants. This relationship will help participants gain confidence and self-worth, which can assist participants in their employment endeavors.

Coaches will be asked to come to two of our learning sessions, for an hour each. In these sessions they will talk about things like what they do; how they got to where they are; the key skills they look for in their own employees; why things like teamwork and effective communication is important. Coaches will facilitate dialogue to learn about barriers employees encounter; brainstorm on how to overcome those barriers; and get to be more familiar with the participants in the program. Coaches may also be asked to follow-up with individuals, either in person or via phone, to offer advice or feedback, as they progress through the program. For more information about our next Employment Readiness Academy or how to volunteer, please call (269) 659-4525.