To provide quality, value -added services to our clients, while expanding their opportunities for independence.

Our Values

Self Determination

Everything that we do will reflect the wants, needs and desires of our clients, thus preserving their basic right to Self-Determination.


Freedom for clients to make their own choices about participation in their activities and decisions about their lives.


Authority for members to be the primary decision makers about the entire range of issues affecting the services they are authorized, to the delivery of those services.


Support for clients to accomplish their goals and provide access to opportunities and community inclusion for everyone while focusing on what clients can do rather than what they cannot.


Responsibility for clients to do their part to achieve goals, make decisions and be accountable to their actions.


Confirmation that a client’s activities will be meaningful, add value to their lives and result in additional opportunities for them to be a member of their local community.

Our Applications Cover Diverse Corporate Markets

“Do just once what others say you can’t and you will never pay attention to their limitations again.”

Our Applications Cover Diverse Corporate Markets

—Arthur C. Clarke


The St. Joe Community Co-op maintains contracts throughout St. Joseph County, in various capacities, providing staffing and offering competitive-paid employment for employees and clients in Supported Employment.
Self-Determination is the basic right of every individual to make choices about his/her life. Many people across the nation who are concerned about people with disabilities are fighting to make sure that everyone gets to make choices about their life, and make those choices happen.
The Co-op started providing services on March 1st of 2006. The official grand opening of the Co-op was held at the original S. Jefferson St. location, in Sturgis, on June 16, 2006. We are now at 307 W. Chicago Rd., Suite 210, Sturgis, MI.

Clients seeking services can call (269)659-4526 to speak with our Program Manager and find out about specific services we offer and how they can get signed up.

For those seeking employment, the Co-op always has opportunities. If you are over the age of 18, call us and set up a time to come in and pick up an application. There are different requirements for different positions. Several positions require a clean Criminal Background and a valid driver’s license.

About St. Joe Community Co-Op

St. Joe Community Co-Op is a member-owned co-operative. Our members have received skill training or other services and are active employees. We are a community-based organization, with our own Board of Directors (elected by members) and look to others in the community to occasionally serve as advisors. We provide services to those who want to maintain their independence in their community.